Real Money Slot Machines

We Canadians love slot machines for a number of reasons, but the buzz when playing online slot machines for real money is unlike any other. You have all the thrills of Las Vegas in your own home, with the ability to play your favourite slots in a matter of seconds providing hours of entertainment. The opportunity to win cash prizes - some dollar amounts life-changing - makes real money slot machines even more pleasing though!

What some people don't appreciate is that you can actually increase your chances of winning at slot machines real money websites by using some handy guidelines when playing real money online slots. That knowledge coupled with some fantastic welcome bonuses makes playing slot machines for real money an enticing prospect.

The lure of progressive jackpots
Progressive Jackpot

Those life-changing amounts of dollars money won at the best real cash slot machines are the glamorous moments of online slots, with the chance to win enough to set you up for life just a spin away. These opportunities are thanks to progressive jackpots, which are a special type of online slot game.

Progressive jackpots might seem elusive and hard to pop, but it's all about being at the right place at the right time. And if you don't play slot machines, real money or otherwise, you can't complain when someone else wins.

With an online slot, which carries the progressive jackpot feature, a fraction of each spin's stake is moved across into the progressive jackpot prize pool. This does mean that the payout percentages are a little less generous compared to an average slot, but that's compensated by the possibility of the bumper win. Typically linked to several other slot machines, real money not free games, this progressive jackpot fund can soon swell into seven figures, with the biggest ever paying out over CDN $45m.

The opportunity to win such a huge dollar amount obviously makes progressive jackpots some of the best real money online slot machines to play. Provided you keep your expectations realistic (sadly they don't pay the jackpot every day), you can enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes every time you unlock that bonus round and enjoy the quest for some potentially lucrative payouts.

Picking the best real money slots site
Real Money

With some fantastic slot games to play for real dollars, you should certainly do your homework ahead of making your first deposit on a site that offers slot machines. Real money players can take advantage of the offers made by real money slot casinos, and of course be on the look out for the best range of games. While we're all about slot games at, you could also take a look at the selection of table games too as we know many of you like to play roulette and blackjack as well in addition your favourite slots.

When looking for the best real money slots to spend your dollars at, try to steer clear of newer sites; while there are some good ones out there, there are also some rogue sites looking to make a quick buck, so it's generally better to stick with the well-established gaming destinations. Some bonuses offered by the newer sites can be deceptive and lock in your deposit amount even if you decide you can't clear their bonus offer.

That warm welcome
Welcome Bonus

While a cracking selection of games and excellent customer service are huge factors when selecting an online slots casino, it's the welcome bonus that grabs our attention the most. And many websites that offer real money online slots treat their customers to some excellent bonuses, many of which are great for playing the best real cash slots. In a nutshell, they arm you with extra dollars to have fun with.

As we mentioned just now, you have to treat them with a certain amount of caution. Some new sites do try to bring in new customers with headline offers that seem too good to be true. The reality is some of them are great offers - others are a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, with the chances of unlocking that huge dollar amount much harder than you'd first appreciate.

Rather than being drawn into the first dollar figure offered by a slot machine real money casino, a better approach is to be realistic about how much money you will stake. Once you know that, you can shop around the various sites recommended on to see which suits your wagering levels best by comparing the various offers.

Another handy tip is to speak to the site about their offer of free dollars if you have any questions. Their customer care team should be able to help with any questions about the Welcome Bonus. Contacting a real money slots customer support team can also give you a feel for the quality of care you'll get if you sign up.

The best slot machine real money
Best Online Slots

The number of choices available can make the whole process of choosing a real money slot website a little daunting. tries to make life as simple as possible for you by only listing the trusted sites, which we feel have the level of customer satisfaction our readers would expect. After all, when you're spending your hard-earned dollars, you want to know you're playing at a place you can trust.

We've also made sure that all of our reviews of the top real cash slot machines online are conducted thoroughly by fellow Canadians who understand the needs of slots machine fans. With every gambling room listed here legislated by one of the leading gambling jurisdictions, the game play is guaranteed to be fair and your personal details held securely using encryption much like that used by online banks to keep your dollars safe.

The end result is a list of the very best sites to play online slots for real money, with no stresses or hassles from vetting the casinos yourselves. All you have to focus on now is picking the slot machines real money websites which suit you and enjoying your gaming. Good luck!