About Us
About Us

There's just something about slot machines. Their bright lights, animations and frenetic cacophony of noise is synonymous with offline gambling meccas like Las Vegas, but they've also built another home for themselves on the web.

And with literally thousands, by the time you include all the different software developers out there, of games to choose from deciding which game to go with can be a bit daunting. After all, you face all sorts of choices like:

  • 3 reel vs 5 reel
  • Progressive vs standard jackpot
  • High vs low variance
  • Number of mini-games and bonus rounds

Even if you are familiar with some offline games, it can be difficult to know where to start because the range available on the web is so much larger than in any land-based venue. And that is why this site exists!

We want to help players find the best game(s) for them by sharing our own experience with online slots, with a focus on players in Canada who may otherwise be stuck with outdated or inaccurate information about online casino sites.

Although our site may look finished, we're always adding new listings, reviews and information as we create it so be sure to stop back every now and then to see what's changed.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of Canadians and those who have extensive experience with the online gambling market in Canada. We have a real mix of personalities here, but all of us have one thing in common – we love to hit the slots and play for real cash.

In fact, between all of us, we must have played just about every slot in the world! None of us is affiliated with any one gambling site or software producer, so you know that our reviews are completely impartial and we never accept money to edit or add reviews. Quite simply, we have nothing to gain by promoting a particular site or game over another.

When we review sites and games, we either use our own money or test things out in free play mode – we're not playing on the company dime, so we're just as conscious about getting as much action for every CAD we put in as you will be when you play.

How We Review

When we write a review of an online slots site, we look at a whole range of different factors. For example, as well as ensuring that Canadian players are accepted, we'll also look at things like:

  • Bonus size and ease of unlocking it
  • Range of games offered
  • How quick and efficiently support teams respond
  • The number of deposit/withdrawal options that are available

In other words, we don't present a casino or game review for your consumption unless we've taken a long, hard look at it ourselves.

It's possible for a site to make our list of the top venues even if they don't do so well in one of the above areas, as long as they make up for it in other ways, but to be crowned as one of the best sites around they'll need to meet our very high expectations in each and every way.

What Makes A Good Slots Site?

We'll touch on this again elsewhere on the site, but we thought it might be worth covering a few basics of what makes for a top slots site here. First and foremost, it's absolutely vital that any site you play with is safe and trustworthy. If you have any doubts at all about whether or not a site is legit, run in the opposite direction!

Obviously, you'll want to be able to choose from plenty of games and it's also worth taking a look at a site's library of slots titles so you can see whether or not any of your favourite games are there. It can be fun to try new titles from time to time but, if none of your "go to" titles are there, then you might want to avoid that particular casino.

A high value bonus is always good, but it's pretty much worthless unless the site has realistic wagering requirements. We'll always check out the fine print for you so we don't accidentally recommend a site with wagering requirements of 100x the value of deposit and bonus that need to be met within one month of signing up. Quite the impossible task!

Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

As we've already suggested above there are several different factors that determine whether or not a site is good, and that can be tricky to do by yourself unless you have some relevant experience.

Still, to some players half the fun of a new slot is in discovering how often it pays out, what the bonus rounds look like and so on. We are conscious of this fact, and would never want to spoil that experience.

However, with so many new slots titles arriving every month, it's simply not viable or sustainable for the average player to try every new game out there (particularly if they're playing with real money!) and see whether or not they like it.

It's our hope that the information on our site will give players a quick and easy reference to see whether or not new games, or old ones that they simply haven't gotten around to playing yet, will be appealing to them without having to spend a lot of money testing it out for themselves.