Canadian American Express Slot Machines
American Express Slot Machines

Frankly, it doesn't come as a shock to us that those who an Amex card in their wallet want to head straight for American Express slot machines. Creators of the original black Centurion card, probably the most exclusive credit card in the world, Amex has a reputation for being one of the safest and most user-friendly card providers around.

Although there are plenty of other payment options available when you're using slot machines, American Express and other credit cards remain extremely popular. It's for that reason that, every time we review an online casino, we make sure to see how they deal with Amex. That's enabled us to create a list of the top Amex slot sites for players in Canada.

  • Stay safe on the web when playing Amex slots in 2022
  • See how it stacks up against using other deposit options when playing slots online
  • Find all of the best sites accepting American Express on the web

If Amex is your card of choice then you're probably used to asking the question "do you accept American Express?", and you'll also be used to receiving the answer "sorry, but we don't." Unfortunately, the same is very much true when you hit the online slots.

It's Amex's merchant fees, which are slightly higher than Visa's and MasterCard's, that put a lot of businesses off accepting them and that's why many online casino sites avoid them too. American Express slot machines may not be as common as you'd like but, as we'll see below, you'll be very glad when you do find them.

How To Use American Express

If you've ever used your card to make a purchase online, then you're already pretty familiar with the basics of using it to access Amex slot machines at sites accepting American Express.

Once you've signed up for an account with an online slots site, you simply need to make your way to the Cashier area to make an Amex deposit. Slots sites will, in general, let you deposit just about as much or as little as you please so you're completely in control of how much real cash you want to transfer.

Enter the amount, put in your card details and hit enter. Then just sit back and wait for the money to arrive in your online casino account, although you shouldn't have to wait for long because it will often come through more or less immediately.

American Express slot machines may not be as common as you'd like, but you'll sure be glad when you do find them.
Advantages Of American Express

American Express has a fantastic reputation for customer service. Even if you can't take advantage of the personal concierge service that's included with the Centurion black card, you'll still find that Amex go above and beyond to resolve any problems that might occur like credit card fraud or unauthorised spending.

Of course, there's also the convenience factor – if you've found yourself on this page then it's pretty likely that you already have an American Express and know how to use it. Doing so at American Express slot machines sites is a lot easier than going out of your way to purchase a prepaid card or setting up an e-wallet account.

Is it worth signing up for an American Express card via your bank or financial institution just so you can make an Amex deposit? Slots sites just don't accept it often enough to make this worthwhile so, unless you already have one, we don't think there's any need for you to sign up.

There's no denying that the range of sites accepting American Express, slot machines and other products alike, is smaller than those that take Visa and MasterCard. Still, if you're set on playing Amex slots then we have plenty of great options for players in Canada that accept CAD, have plenty of games and are very easy to start playing with!


Can I use my Amex card for online slots deposits?

Absolutely. Although depending on where in the world you're located you might struggle to make an Amex deposit, slots fans in Canada will almost always be able to use their card.

Do all slot machine sites accept Amex cards?

Unfortunately not. While most top sites accept Visa and MasterCard in 2016, Amex slot sites aren't quite so easy to find. But that's not a problem since we have a list of the best sites accepting American Express on this page for you.

Will my funds be safe if I am using an Amex card online?

Stick with a legit casino, like one of the top American Express slot machines sites on this page, and you'll see that they have plenty of measures in place to keep your funds and your personal information safe.

Will I be charged any fees?

It's unlikely that casinos will charge you fees to deposit using a credit card, but it's always worth checking your bank's small print and looking at the Banking area of an online casino to see whether or not they'll apply a charge for transactions.

How does Amex stand up to similar cards?

The rate of acceptance for American Express at online casino and online slots sites is lower than Visa and MasterCard, and we can easily see how that might put some players off. In terms of customer service and speed though, Amex is just as good (if not better) than the alternatives out there.

Can e-wallets be better for online slots gaming payments?

If you think you might struggle to manage your spending and are worried about eating away at your credit limit, or you're concerned about using your credit card details online, then e-wallets might be a better choice. For everyone else, Amex slots are a great choice for Canadian players.