Paysafecard Canadian Slots In 2022

Already a popular payment method in its own right, paysafecard is even more notable since being acquired by Skrill and merged with Ukash. It's as quick and easy as using a credit or debit card, but offers users an extra layer of security against fraud.

We don't review any online casino without looking at how it handles different payment methods, and that includes making a paysafecard deposit. Slots fans can rest assured that we've uncovered all of the best places to play in CA using this great deposit option.

  • See why paysafecard is making waves in the online slots space
  • Find out how it compares with other payment options available to Canadians
  • Check out the best paysafecard slot machines and casino sites in 2022
How To Use paysafecard

Using paysafecard slot sites is very simple, but will require a trip to a local retailer first so you can pick up a physical card. There are thousands of authorised retailers all over Canada, so you should have no trouble finding somewhere nearby.

Once you have your hands on a card, you can use the long number to redeem the voucher as real cash in an online casino or anywhere else that accepts paysafecard. In the case of paysafecard slot sites, you'll want to head to the Cashier section so you can redeem your card.

Unfortunately, in part because paysafecard issues their cards in fixed denominations, you can't use it to make a withdrawal. As a result, even at sites accepting paysafecard, you'll need to find some other way to cash out your casino credit as real money.

Security: No transaction can be carried out without the 16-digit PIN code. Additionally, it is impossible to hack Paysafecard PINs due to numerous technical security mechanisms, which is extremely encouraging for all customers.
Safety: No personal information is required from the customer, keeping you completely anonymous and none of your details being vulnerable online.
Efficiency: Each and every deposit is processed within seconds, allowing you to access slot machine games quicker. Also, you save a vast amount of time processing your deposit by not having to enter any additional information into the slot machine site.
Availability: Paysafecards are available for purchase in any local retail store throughout Canada and at 500,000 sales outlets worldwide.
Some deposit options are a little cagey when it comes to the subject of online gambling, but paysafecard isn't one of them.
Advantages of paysafecard

We love how transparent paysafecard is about using their service for real cash gambling transactions like slot machines. paysafecard openly talks about how to use the service for online gaming on their website, and it's refreshing to know that you don't have to try to disguise what you're doing when you play for real money online.

Making a deposit using paysafecard is just as quick and easy as using a credit or debit card, but doesn't require that you share any of your bank details with a real cash gaming site. That's even more valuable for players in countries where online gambling is illegal, but will appeal to privacy conscious Canadians too.

Another good thing about paysafecard is that, in the unlikely event that you run into a rogue casino, the only money you stand to lose is the value of your paysafecard. Real cash gaming isn't much riskier than any other online shopping transaction, but it's good to know that you have another layer of security protecting you in case of problems with paysafecard slot machines.

With paysafecard and Ukash now merged into a single product, even more sites where you can play slots online accept paysafecard in 2022 than ever before. We've highlighted some of the top sites on this page, with lots of games and attentive support, where you can make your first CAD paysafecard deposit. Slots fans, we think it's high time you got started and try your luck!


What is Paysafecard's story?

Part of a group that's been around for more than 20 years, paysafecard is a cousin of Neteller and Net+ prepaid cards. Paysafe Group, the folks behind paysafecard are based in the Isle of Man and strictly regulated by the UK.

How does everything work?

paysafecard functions much like a prepaid credit card of the type you can purchase from providers like MasterCard. Users will find a long code on their paysafecard that can then be used for real cash gambling, or to make other transactions, at sites accepting paysafecard.

Is the sign-up process straightforward?

Yes indeed! In fact, there isn't really a sign-up process as such – all you need to do is purchase a paysafecard from an authorised outlet and you're good to go.

Will online gambling payments be allowed?

Some deposit options are a little cagey when it comes to the subject of online gambling, but paysafecard isn't one of them. In fact, their site even contains detailed information about how you play, using a paysafecard deposit, slots and place bets on sporting events.

What is the speed of the deposits & withdrawals?

Because you've already paid for your paysafecard, the money is there ready and waiting to be spent. For that reason, paysafecard slot sites are able to process deposits more or less instantaneously.

When it comes to online casino sites and slots online withdrawals are a bit slower, to allow time for payments to be processed by the site owners. Still, even though for withdrawals you can't use paysafecard, slot machines winnings will usually be in your hands in a couple of days.

How do they stand up against the competition?

Prepaid cards are all much of a muchness in terms of speed and performance, but the option to buy cards using cash (just like used to be the case with Ukash) is one that those who are privacy conscious will appreciate.

Are they any fees involved?

paysafecard has a couple of fees associated with it, but they only apply to refunds and cards that haven't been used for more than a year. In other words, the average player won't have to pay any fees when making a paysafecard deposit, slots-related or otherwise.

Will my payment details be safe?

Stick with the best paysafecard slot machines and online casino sites out there, which is all we'll ever show you on this site, and you'll be A-OK.