Neteller Canadian Slots in 2022

Once upon a time, the hybrid payment processor known as Neteller was a fantastic option for real cash gambling in Canada. In 2022, however, you can no longer make a Neteller deposit. Slots sites and other gambling venues are now not permitted to accept Canuck Neteller accounts, even though it can still be used for other purchases by Canadians.

Being one of our "go to" deposit options, we still know all of the best Neteller slot machines and online casino sites very well. It may not be immediately obvious why that's useful for Canucks, but the answer is that if they serve up great Neteller slots then you'll very likely have just as good a time using another deposit option there.

  • See how Neteller stacks up against other payment options for Canadians
  • Find the best sites accepting Neteller and other more relevant deposit options
  • Check out the best ways to stay safe when you're playing for real cash on the web

As well as withdrawing their services from countries in which online gambling is illegal in 2007, Neteller also opted to withdraw from markets where the legal status of online gambling is a grey area. Unfortunately, as of 2022, that includes Canada.

It may have been one of our top-rated payment methods but all hope is not lost – there are plenty of other desposit/withdrawal options that will let you enjoy playing slots online and are CA compatible.

How To Use Neteller Slot Machines

If you're located somewhere where it's legal to make a Neteller deposit, slots sites may offer you a couple of different ways to use Neteller. It's possible to use Neteller as an e-wallet service, through an interface and exchange network that's very like what you'll be used to if you've ever used PayPal.

Another way to use Neteller slots sites is to use your Net+ prepaid MasterCard just like you would use any other credit or debit card to make a deposit. In either case, all you would need to do is make your way to the Cashier area of an online casino/online slots site and choose the option to transfer real money using Neteller.

If you're using Net+ you would then enter your card details but, if you're using Neteller as an e-wallet, you would be directed to Neteller to complete the transaction instead.

With a lethal combination of speed and security, it's a big shame that Canadians can no longer use Neteller slot machines.
Advantages of Neteller

With a lethal combination of speed and security, it's a big shame that Canadians can no longer use Neteller slot machines. Even if you don't already have an account it only takes a few minutes to sign up for one and, as soon as you've topped up your account with real cash, you can access Neteller slots in a matter of minutes.

Because Neteller acts as a bridge between your bank account or credit card and an online casino where you can play slots online, it keeps your payment information secret. That's not a big concern at top online slots sites, but offers real peace of mind just in case you happen to stumble across a rogue casino.

The list of sites we recommend on this page offer some of the best places to play Neteller slot machines and, even though Canucks can't actually make a Neteller deposit, slots sites that have made it on to this page are sure to offer the best player experience possible no matter what deposit option you choose. Just click any of the links to sign up and try it for yourself.


Who are Neteller?

Neteller is part of the Paysafe Group, a large organisation that uses lots of different solutions to process payments. Neteller and paysafecard are two examples of their products, both widely used in the online gambling space.

How do their payments work?

In effect, when you make a payment at sites accepting Neteller, you're actually paying Neteller who then pay the site on your behalf. The advantage of this is that it keeps your credit card/bank details hidden.

Does Neteller allow online gambling payments?

In Canada, no. Canadians can use Neteller to make other types of transactions, but using it for real cash gambling is a luxury reserved for those who dwell in countries where online gambling is explicitly legal.

How safe will I be if I use it online?

Neteller isn't quite as well known as big guns like PayPal and Skrill, but it's an extremely safe option for making purchases online and that's why we used to love Neteller slot machines.

Will the transfers be fast?

You'll find that money is transferred to your account just about immediately when you make a Neteller deposit. Slots sites might take a little longer, but no more than a couple of days, to initiate your withdrawal but these will generally be pretty quick as well and certainly no slower than using any other method to cash out.

How does Neteller rank against the alternatives?

Neteller is just as quick as alternatives like Skrill and Paypal, both of which are also sadly absent from world of Canadian slots online, and even quicker than using credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Does the payment provider charge any fees?

It would be very unusual to find a casino that charges fees for a Neteller deposit. Slots sites and online casinos are such big fans of e-wallets that sites accepting Neteller sometimes even offer a cash back bonus for using them!

As a general rule, any fees that are accrued are usually absorbed into the online slots site/casino's operating costs so you don't need to worry too much about them.