Canadian Slot Machines Apps In 2022
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When you think of hitting the slot machines on your smartphone or tablet, your mind probably jumps right to apps. Like they say, "there's an app for that." In fact, apps aren't as common as responsive sites designed for use on mobile devices but you'll probably still encounter both in 2022.

We never rate or review a site without taking a look at its mobile app, if indeed it has one, so it was easy for us to come up with a list of the best slot machine apps for iPhone and Android given our years of experience. We'll get to that below, as well as looking at the following:

  • See how slot machines apps stack up against responsive sites
  • Stay safe on the web when using an app slot machine
  • Find top apps, slot machines and online casino sites for Canucks

If you spend a bit of time researching slots online, you'll read a lot about comparisons between slot apps and responsive sites for mobile. We don't want to rehash all of these here but all we'll say is that the experience really isn't all that different.

You can add an online slots app to the home screen of your mobile device but, on most smartphones, you can do exactly the same thing with a shortcut to a responsive site. Since the graphics and gameplay of apps and sites are pretty much the same, it doesn't matter too much which you pick!

Slot Apps Vs Desktop Play

It should probably go without saying that using slot machine apps for Android, Windows Phone or an Apple device is very different to playing on a laptop or desktop. Obviously, because the screen of a smartphone or tablet is much smaller than a computer, casino software providers have to cram a lot more into a tiny space.

Fortunately all of the essentials are right there and, whether you've played for real cash on a computer before or not, it's easy to jump right into the action. Unfortunately, there aren't as many games available for use on mobile as on computer but the average online slots app/site should still give you around 20 or more games to choose from.

Whether you've played for real cash on a computer before or not, it's easy to jump right into action using slots apps.
Things To Keep In Mind

We mentioned above that the range of games is a bit smaller on mobile devices than on a computer in 2022, but being able to take them with you while you're on the move should go a long way towards making up for that.

Making deposits or withdrawals over a public unsecure WiFi network is never a good idea, and we'd recommend that you avoid doing this. Of course, if you're using your password protected WiFi network at home then you might well decide that it's easier just to sign up and/or make any real money transactions using your laptop or desktop.

It's worth checking whether or not your favourite casino for slots online has their own app. If they do, you'll be able to use your existing account to play once you've downloaded the relevant offering for your smartphone or tablet.

If not, we've got plenty of recommendations at the ready for you. These sites all accept Canadian players, allow deposits and withdrawals in CAD and have online slot machine apps/responsive sites waiting for you. All you need to do is pick one, sign up and start playing.


Are slot machine apps legal?

There is some legislation in place that prevents the creation of online casino sites from within the borders of Canada, but that doesn't affect players and we've never heard of any Canadian getting into legal trouble for playing an app slot machine.

Which platforms can these be played on?

In a word, lots! From Windows Phone and Android to iPhone and iPad, the best way to find an app – if you can't find one from our list of the top sites below, that is – is to visit the App Store, Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store and see what's on offer.

Can I play all the varieties of slots on an app?

Unfortunately not. Some slots are quite complicated, and software producers haven't yet found a way to replicate them on mobile devices. As smartphone/tablet technology keeps on improving in 2022 and beyond, we have no doubt that more and more online slot machine apps will arrive on these devices.

How do I know where to look for the better apps?

You certainly can go off in search of apps yourself, but we recommend that you check out the list of top sites that we suggest on this page.

Will they be available for most platforms?

Most platforms will be able to access at least some online slot machine apps and, even if you can't, there's always the option to go with mobile slot sites instead.

How much do the jackpots go up to?

Whether you're playing using mobile sites or apps, slot machines' jackpots go just as high as if you were playing on a computer. Just imagine landing millions of CAD playing slot apps on your commute...

Are my financial details safe with an app?

Stick with one of the slots apps featured in our list of the best around and you should be just fine. There's always a small element of risk associated with making transactions online, but all of the top banking options will offer an additional layer of protection against this.