Canadian iPad Slot Machines

Not quite a computer but much more than just a phone, the iPad has been incredibly popular since its release in Canada back in 2010. With its touchscreen and high definition display, it now also holds the honour of being one of the most popular devices used for real money gambling.

When we review online casino sites, how their games function on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets such as the iPad is one of the key things we pay attention to. For that reason, we've gotten very good at spotting good iPad slot games and sites!

  • See how you can use your favourite Apple device to access iPad slot machines
  • Find the best online casino/online slots sites for iPad users
  • Stay safe online when playing using your iPhone, iPad or any other tablet

iPad slot machines can be accessed in a couple of different ways. Every now and then you'll find an iOS app in the App Store that allows real money gambling, but these really aren't very common.

It's far more likely that, when looking to play online slots, iPad users will end up using a responsive version of an online casino's main site.

Benefits Of iPad Slots

No matter how much you may enjoy hitting the slots in a typical online casino, it's difficult to deny that the experience doesn't really resemble visiting a land-based venue. We can't remember ever using a mouse to place our bets in an offline casino!

The iPad's touchscreen has much more in common with an offline video slot, many of which now have at least some element of touchscreen gameplay. We think it's fair to say, then, that playing on an iPad or any other tablet is about as close as online slots can get to the offline experience.

Another obvious advantage of playing on an iPad is that you can take iPad slot games with you wherever you go, which definitely isn't true of desktop slots titles unless you're willing to lug your computer around everywhere you go!

Playing on an iPad is about as close as online slots can get to the offline experience.
Things To Keep In Mind
iPad Canada

The selection of games available on iPad is nowhere near what you'll find when you play on an Apple Mac or PC. Instead of 100+ slots titles, you'll only be able to choose from about 20 on most iPad slot games sites.

You should also note that, while the iPad's touchscreen is great for playing online slots, it can be a bit fiddly to sign up with new sites/apps and make a deposit or withdrawal. We would always recommend that you do this over your own secure WiFi network and, if you're doing that, you might as well use your laptop or desktop to do it.

The best slot machines on iPad

With so many iPad slot machines to choose from, how do you know you're playing the best games on the top sites through the best apps? Easy - we've listed them for you! We've identified the best sites for you to play Canadian iPad slot machines, complete with details on the top welcome offers and promotions available to you, leaving you to simply compare the sites and choose the one that has your favourite games.

Be sure to try some of the other Canadian real cash iPad slot machines as well. There are dozens of new games brought out each month and you'll find the top sites bringing them out and often offering free play bonuses to entice you to try their slots app. With the iPad in your hands, you'll be getting one of the best real money online slot machines experiences available to a casino player.

It may be that your favourite online casino has a range of iPad slot machines and other mobile games that you can enjoy using your existing account. If they don't, just choose one of our top sites and create an account. You could score a nice real cash CAD bonus and be playing iPad slot games in a matter of minutes!


Can I play at casinos on my iPad?

You certainly can. No matter whether you prefer poker, table games or slot machines, iPad is a simple and fun way to play for real money on the web.

What models are supported?

iPad slot machines are often powered by HTML 5, and even very early versions of the iPad were built to handle this instead of Flash. However, there are other factors in play here and you may well struggle to use something like a first generation iPad to play iPad online slots simply because it can't keep up with other technological changes in 2023.

How do I start playing?

That's easy – just follow a link to one of the top sites we recommend, sign up for an account and claim your welcome bonus. Once you've made your first deposit, if you're planning to play for real cash that is, you're all ready to start playing.

How do I make deposits & withdrawals?

This is done in exactly the same way as you would initiate a deposit/withdrawal on a laptop or desktop. Just make your way to the Cashier area, choose your banking option and enter the amount of CAD you want to withdraw or deposit.

What games are popular for the iPad?

Slots are by the far the most popular option when it comes to iPad online casino sites in 2023. Most online casinos only have around 20 or so of their games available for use on iPhone, iPad etc. so, to mix things up, most players end up jumping from game to game. As such, there's no clear winner for the top iPad online slots title.

Where can I find the best apps?

Just check out the sites we've listed below. In our search for the best iPad slot machines, the iOS friendly sites we recommend on this page have met with our approval.

How does it compare with desktop play?

In many ways, and particularly when it comes to slot machines, iPad actually offers an experience that's much closer to a video slot in a land-based casino than anything you'll find in a bricks and mortar venue. We think you'll love it!

Is it safe?

As long as you stick with a casino that has a good reputation, and we'll only ever promote the best on this site, you should be just fine. Disreputable casinos never survive for long, so your odds of encountering one are actually pretty low.