iPhone Slot Machines In Canada

For a long time, would be online gamblers who used Apple computers had very limited choice when it came to online casino sites. Fortunately, the introduction of the iPhone and the rising popularity of everything Mac-related means that iOS gamblers in Canada can access a staggering range of iPad and iPhone slots.

Whenever we take a closer look at sites that offer online slots we always make sure to examine how their games perform on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. For that reason, we've been able to build up a picture of the best iPhone slot machines and where to play them!

You're definitely in the right place if you want to:

  • Discover top online slots for iPhone and Canadian sites where you can play them
  • Learn how to keep your payment information safe on the web
  • See some of the differences between playing iPhone online slots and on a laptop or desktop

Whether you choose to access iPhone slot machines using a responsive online casino site or a dedicated app, we think you'll be surprised by the ingenuity of how online slots producers have managed to cram so much real cash action into your smartphone.

Mobile Slots Vs PC/Mac Versions
The Advantages of iPhone Slot Machines

There's one very obvious difference between using an iPhone or a computer to hit the slot machines: iPhones have a screen that's about 15% of the size of a computer's!

Online casino software providers have been very clever in the way that they've scaled games down for use on smartphones and tablets, but there's no denying that this is a very different experience.

That's not to say that iPhone slots are any worse than playing on an Apple Mac or PC, because the fact that you can take them anywhere gives them a big advantage of traditional online slots, but you should temper your expectations accordingly.

Using a touchscreen to place your bets is a lot of fun, and feels more like an offline video slot than traditional online slots.
Things To Bear In Mind
Slot Machines Every Week

Mobile slots producers have done a very good job of scaling their online slots for iPhone, but the range of games on offer here is much smaller. Instead of the hundreds of online slots on the web in 2022, you'll be limited to around 20 titles on iPhone slot machines.

Using a touchscreen to place your bets can be a lot of fun, and in many ways feels more like an offline video slot than traditional online slots do, but signing up and making deposits/withdrawals is a bit fiddly on iPhone apps and sites.

We'd always recommend that you do this over your own secure WiFi network and, if you're doing that, then you might as well make the process a bit easier and do it on a laptop or desktop instead.

We've been rating and reviewing online casino sites for years, and we know that it takes to be one of the best sites for players in Canada using an iPhone. Slot machines fans will love the recommend sites on this page as they all offer a generous CAD bonus, a good range of games and welcome Canucks. All you need to do is pick one and sign up!


Will I be able to access online slots on my iPhone?

Yes! Don't expect to be able to enjoy the same range of games as you can on a laptop or desktop, but you'll find more than enough iPhone slots action to keep you entertained.

Are only certain model supported?

Responsive iPhone online slots sites will generally work even on older iOS devices. You might struggle to play for real cash if you're using a very old device, like a first generation iPhone, but everyone else should be just fine.

Where do I sign up to play?

If you don't already have somewhere to play online slots in mind, we have plenty of recommended sites to choose from on this page. Just pick one, sign up and you'll be in for the best experience sites open to players in Canada have to offer.

Do Canadians enjoy particular games more?

Of the games available on iPhone, slot machines are definitely the most popular. Exactly which game you end up playing the most will depend on which titles are available on the site you're playing, whether you like your games high or low variance, if you're looking for a progressive jackpot etc. There is no single "best slots game for Canadians".

Should I use casino sites or apps?

That's really down to your own taste. There's a wider choice of online casino sites, so most players go with these instead of apps, but the difference between the graphics and gameplay on each is almost insignificant.

What are the best apps for the iPhone?

To find a top place to play slot machines, iPhone or on the web, just check out the list of venues that we recommend on this page. You won't go too far wrong playing with any one of them!

How does it compare to other platforms?

The small screen means that playing iPhone slot machines is very different to doing so on a computer, but it's still a lot of fun and it's much more portable than using a computer or even a tablet.

Is it safe to play on mobile?

If you're playing with one of the top sites we recommend, you'll be just fine. There's always a tiny risk of something going wrong with any transaction online, but real cash gambling in 2022 is no more dangerous than placing an online order from Amazon.