Best Mobiles

Thinking about getting a new phone or tablet and want to take your online gambling habit into consideration before you decide to splash out on your next mobile device? We admire your commitment, slots fan!

The fact is that virtually every phone on the market today will allow you to partake in online gambling, whether through an app or a mobile site, but we'll look at a few of the best devices on this page and what sets them above the competition.

iPhone 6/6+

When most people think of the word smartphone, they think of the iPhone. It may not have been the first device that combined a mobile phone with characteristics typical of a computer, like web browsing etc., but it's certainly the most popular in 2022.

As you'd expect, the iPhone is one of the best ways to access mobile slots on the go using either dedicated apps or responsive casino sites designed for mobile. Getting started is quick and simple, and mobile casinos look great on the iPhone too.

The selection of titles available on iPhone isn't staggering – most casinos offer around 20 or 30 games for use on Apple devices – but that's down to the fact that software developers haven't ported all of their games yet, and not anything to do with the device itself.

You can use any Apple smartphone, like the iPhone SE, 5C or 5S to access mobile slots too, but we've chosen to recommend the 6 and 6+ in particular because games look just fantastic on their larger retina screen. We have no doubt that they'll look even better on the, at the time of writing, newly released iPhone 7.

iPad Pro

Launching a decade before the iPad, Microsoft actually invented the tablet computer with their touch input tablet. You wouldn't know that to look at the market now though, however, with iPad far and away the most popular tablet around.

Any iPad, with the exception of very old and outdated early editions, can run downloadable casino apps and responsive sites but we're recommending the Pro for online gaming.

Its display, which comes in 9.7 or 12.9 inch variations, is almost as big as a laptop or the screen of a land-based video slot and that makes for an immersive and authentic experience.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This device is widely considered to be one of the best, if not THE best, Android handset ever made. With more RAM and a larger screen size than the iPhone 7, it's difficult to argue with its credentials for online gambling!

The handset costs more than the iPhone 6/6+, and will even cost a little more than the 7 that's just been released, but it's well worth the investment if you've never gotten along too well with Apple devices.

Like on the iPhone, the range of games available for mobile play is nothing compared to what you'll find on your Mac or PC. Instead of the 300+ titles accessible on a laptop or desktop, you'll probably end up with around 30. Still, it's better than nothing and you're bound to find at least one title that enjoy amongst this selection.

The S7 Edge's vibrant AMOLED screen is ideal for the bright colours of online slots and, just like the iPhone, Android devices can fire up slots either through downloadable apps or mobile sites that adjust to the device you're playing from automatically.

All in all, this is our top pick if you're looking to pick up an Android device for online gaming.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

If you're after something cheaper than an iPad for mobile gaming, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not a bad choice at all. Games look great on its high resolution 10.1 inch screen, and it'll set you back about half what an equivalent iPad would.

Because it uses the Android OS, you can access all of the same games that you can on Android smartphones either using apps or responsive mobile sites. The range of games on Android – usually 3 or 4 table games and around 20 to 30 slots – is about the same as that on Apple devices, so there's no obvious winner in this regard.

Both the Galaxy Tab A and the iPad Pro support the use of digital styluses – the S-Pen and the Apple Pencil respectively – which could certainly be useful if you find using your fingers or thumbs on smartphone/tablet screens a bit clunky.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

When you think of an Amazon Kindle, online gambling probably isn't the first thing that springs to mind. However, we've decided to include it on this page because it's a cost effective option for online gambling that has another, more obvious, use – storing all of your ebooks!

You'll struggle to download casino apps to an Amazon Kindle Fire but, as we've seen elsewhere, that's not a huge problem as you can just access mobile gaming sites using Kindle's web browser, Silk.

The Kindle Fire HD's screen is bright and sharp, and the device runs surprisingly quickly and smoothly for something that most people would only use to read digital books.

The great thing about smartphone and tablet technology is that it's developing so quickly, there's hardly a phone on the market that can't handle online slots.

Whether you end up choosing one of the devices above, or going with something completely different, we're pretty confident that you'll be able to find somewhere to enjoy casino games without your device breaking a sweat.