Using Ukash At Canadian Slots

If privacy is important to you, then you're sure to fall in love with Ukash slot machines. This is one of the few deposit options out there that can be purchased with cash, meaning that it doesn't necessarily have to be tied to your identity in any way.

Every time we review an online casino we make deposits and withdrawals using several different methods, so we know which casinos perform well during Ukash transactions and which don't. You can rely on us to show you all of the best sites accepting Ukash, or rather paysafecard since these companies have now merged.

  • Why Ukash is a great choice for players in Canada who are safety conscious
  • Where to find Ukash slot machines/online casino sites
  • How this payment method compares with some of the others on the market

Ukash's stellar reputation for privacy is perhaps more relevant in countries where the legal status of real money online gambling is a little more clear cut and players are concerned that they'll get into legal trouble for using something like a credit card or bank transfer.

It seems they haven't thought much about the fact that they'll need to share their details with any site that offers online slots before they can get paid. Fortunately, none of this is a big concern for us slots fans in the Great White North.

How To Use Ukash
How Ukash Works

To exchange real money for Ukash, you'll first need to visit an approved vendor and purchase a Ukash voucher. Available from gas stations, corner markets, department stores and thousands of other locations, it's very likely that there's a Ukash dealer near you even if you've never noticed it before.

Since online gambling isn't illegal for players in Canada, you can use your credit or debit card to purchase a slot machine Ukash voucher if you prefer that to cash. It's worth noting though, that this is one of few deposit options available to Canadian players that doesn't require you to use either a credit/debit card or your online banking account.

Just like a store gift card, a Ukash voucher features a long number that is entered online with an approved Ukash merchant to complete a transaction.

However, the above is all academic because Ukash technically doesn't exist anymore! Since being acquired by Skrill in 2014, the company has now merged with paysafecard. Don't fret though, because paysafecard works in pretty much exactly the same way.

If privacy is important to you, then you're sure to fall in love with Ukash.
Advantages of Ukash

The confidentiality Ukash slot sites offer isn't their only advantage – it's also an extremely effective payment method in its own right. For online slots players who prefer to keep things "old school", and don't want to go to the effort of creating an e-wallet account or researching whether or not their credit card allows real cash gambling transactions, Ukash is perfect.

Unlike with many other payment methods, there's nothing to check or verify when you make this transfer to play slot machines. Ukash vouchers have already been paid for, so sites know you're good for the money without looking at your credit rating, balance or anything like that. You can simply log in, deposit and start enjoying yourself.

Ukash may not exist under its own name anymore, but all of the top sites that used to accept it now accept its successor, paysafecard, in 2023. To find a site that accepts Canadians, allows quick and easy deposits using paysafecard and will offer a fantastic playing experience, just check out the sites on this page.


How does Ukash work?

It's just like using a gift card from a department store. Find a site that offers Ukash slot machines, online casino games and/or poker, then enter the long code on your Ukash card to redeem the balance of the card. Well, in theory at least.

In fact, since the merger with paysafecard you'll now need to exchange any Ukash vouchers you still have in your possession for a paysafecard before you can use it to play slots online.

What is the sign up process?

You don't need to "sign up" as such to play slot machines. Ukash is purchased in stores, so you will need to check that there's an authorised dealer somewhere near you.

Will Ukash allow deposits and withdrawals to casinos?

In order to support Ukash, slots/online casino sites must apply for a merchant account. As long as casinos can successful obtain one of these and be added to the list of sites accepting Ukash, then it's implicit that they have no problem with gambling transactions.

How long should online slots transfers take?

The closest payment method that we can think of to Ukash is a prepaid credit card. It may be a little easier to make a withdrawal using a prepaid debit card, but getting your hands on a Ukash voucher is probably quicker. In terms of speed of deposit, they're roughly the same so you won't lose out by using either payment method.

Will my fund be safe online?

As long as you're playing with a top casino then you have nothing to worry about when making a Ukash deposit. Slots sites will simply hold on to your fund until you're ready to cash it out as real money.

Am I going to be charged any fees?

That's very unlikely. While retailers may charge a small fee when you purchase the card itself, Ukash slot sites love this payment method so much that they may actually offer a CAD bonus just for using it. This balance will almost always offset any fee generated during the initial purchase.