2022's Best New Slot Machines
Best New Slot Machines

Newer doesn't always mean better, but there are a few good reasons why you might want to look for new slot sites and the latest slot machines. For example, it's where you'll often find the best real money bonuses and biggest real cash jackpots!

However, just because a slot machines (Canada or otherwise) site is new doesn't automatically mean that it's worth your attention. There are top sites out there that have been around for years and it's often the case that new sites can't hold a candle to them. On this page we'll look at:

  • Why many new slot machines sites are often worth your attention
  • How to tell if a new site is all talk and no substance
  • The latest and greatest (and safest!) slots and online casino sites to hit the market

New online casinos work very hard to bring in new customers because it's simply not possible for an online gambling site to survive in 2022 without a steady flow of customers spending their cash. As a result, most of them will offer large bonuses to entice new players.

However, it's also true that new sites have little in the way of reviews or feedback to check out from players before you hit their online slots. As a result, any site that does behave in an unscrupulous way is likely to be a new one because such sites can never survive for long.

Why Playing At New Sites Is A Good Idea

There are actually a few good reasons why, when you're playing slot machines, new sites are great and we've already mentioned one of them above. New slot sites will generally offer larger bonuses than older sites because they're eager to draw in new players.

Of course, you should use caution and know that if a deal looks too good to be true then it probably is – be wary of the latest slot sites that offer crazy deals like 500% match bonuses on deposits.

New sites are also attractive because they almost always boast a huge range of slot machines. Canada-based players probably already have their favourites, but it's always good to be able to try some new titles as well.

New sites are particularly attractive because they almost always boast a huge range of slot machines.
Watch Out When Playing At New Sites

Rogue sites don't last long in the world of online gambling. If a dishonest site sets up shop in 2022, it's unlikely that it will last even a few months let alone the entire year. It follows then, that most dishonest or fraudulent sites are new to the market.

However, that certainly doesn't mean that all the latest slot machines sites are dishonest or duplicitous! Even safe and reputable new sites might take advantage of their newness to sneak a couple of bits of disagreeable small print through.

For example, a new site might hide away very high wagering requirements of 50x or even more in their small print and rely on lots of new players signing up before they spot how difficult it will actually be to unlock that bonus.

New slot sites are just like older sites in that some of them are good and some of them are bad. A site's age offers no guarantee of its quality, even though newer sites often offer more in the way of advantages for new players than those that have been around for a while.

Over the years we've become pretty confident that we know a top site featuring new slot machines when we see it, whatever the age of the site itself. As a result, we recommend that you keep an eye on this page so we can steer you towards all of the best new slot sites!


Are new casinos in Canada trustworthy?

Usually, yes. However, rogue sites do crop up from time to time and they're likely to be newer sites because they don't yet have any bad reviews or negative feedback to steer people away.

Would reading reviews help me before signing up?

It certainly would, but a common problem is that there aren't too many reviews around of very new sites. We do our best to keep up with the newest slots sites, so you shouldn't run across too many online slots sites that we don't have something to say about!

Do new slot machines sites last online?

That really depends on how well prepared they are when they launch. Sites that offer great bonuses and are prepared to spend some cash marketing their venture certainly can, and do, succeed but this is a very competitive space so sites do get shuttered from time to time.

Why is it better to play at new sites?

Big bonuses. More games. Support teams that are eager to please. Take your pick of these reasons, and various others as well. The bottom line is that new slot machines sites are generally more likely to be friendly to international audiences and offer fantastic service than those that have been around for a long time and have become complacent.

What sort of bonus offers do they offer Canadians?

You'll find free spins and great match % bonuses available to Canadians. Exactly how much you stand to gain depends on the site you're playing with but, when you're playing at new casino sites with slot machines, Canada-based players are generally in for a treat when it comes to bonuses.

How often do new Canadian friendly slots sites appear?

Setting up a new site takes a serious chunk of change, so they don't pop up as often as you might expect. That said, you can expect to see a couple of new significant players emerge in the online gambling space every year so it's certainly worth keeping an eye out for the latest additions!