2022's Best No Download Slot Machines

Some players get confused by the fact that virtually all online casino sites list two different options for their table games and slot machines: no download, sometimes known as instant play or Flash casino, and a downloadable casino client.

Today we'll be looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages of no download slot machines for players in Canada, focusing in particular on the following points:

  • Why you might prefer to stick with no download sites
  • Staying safe on the web when playing real money instant play slots
  • Where you can find the top no download slot machines

The really nice thing about no download slots is the fact that, as the name so clearly suggests, you don't need to download anything to your computer to get started playing Flash casino slots online. That means there's no waiting around for software packages to download and unpack before you can start making real cash wagers.

It makes very little difference to the graphics and gameplay of different titles whether you choose to download a client or go with no download slot machines, so it's all down to personal preference.

Advantages Of No Download Slot Machines
No Download

Using no download slots obviously means that you don't need to download anything to your laptop/desktop, but it also means that you don't need to update anything either. Nothing kills an evening of real money gaming quite like having to wait around for your casino client to update before you can start playing.

Flash casino games are different because all of the relevant updates and bug fixes are applied on the side of the online casino. You can, therefore, rest assured that whenever you fire up some instant play slots that you're seeing the most up to date and reliable version of the game possible in 2022.

Nothing kills an evening of gambling like having to wait around for your casino client to update before you can start playing.
Things To Watch Out For
Who Uses

Before we get going here, we should point out that most laptops and desktops will have absolutely no problem running no download slot machines. However, if your computer is in dire need of updating, there is a possibility that you'll struggle to run slot machines, no download or otherwise, successfully.

The main thing is to make sure that you have the latest version of Flash installed. As long as that's taken care of, you should be just fine. And we have one more thing for you to be aware of too. In the average online casino, 95% of games available in their downloadable client will also be available in their Flash casino.

That remaining 5%? Well, you won't be able to access them. This isn't true of every online casino, but there are a few specialist titles that you'll need to download the client to access. Clearly, though, this isn't going to be a problem for a typical slots player in Canada.

If you're looking for some great no download slot machines, look no further than the list of sites that we recommend right here on this page. They're all very well suited to Canadian players, accept CAD and are renowned for offering a fantastic gaming experience!


What are no download slots games?

Like the name implies, no download slots are games that you can play in your browser without having to download any software to your computer. Any games you access in the Flash casino will also be as up to date as possible without you needing to do a thing.

Why are they better for me?

Although many players consider no download slot machines to be the best option, it's just down to personal taste. Some gamblers like to have various casino clients lined up on their desktop with all of their personal details remembered, while others enjoy the freedom to enjoy casino games using multiple devices. If the latter sounds like how you would like to use online slot machines, no download is probably the way to go.

Are they a secure gaming option for real money?

As long as the site you're playing with has a reputation for being safe and reputable, then using no download slot machines is just as safe as downloading an online casino's client to your computer.

Is it better to use download options if they are available?

As we've said above, it's all down to personal preference. The thing about download options, though, is that the only advantage they really offer is that they sometimes have a few extra games. Other than that, the experiences at each are more or less the same.

Which site is the best for these games?

There are plenty of great sites out there where you can play slot machines, no download/Flash casino or downloadable, but for some of the best places to play slots online without downloading anything just take a look at the sites we recommend on this page and you'll be in for a great time.

Will I be able to play both download and no download versions?

Yes! You can use the same account to play at an online casino using both their downloadable client and their Flash casino. This means that, even if you do prefer to play using a downloadable client, you can always log on to a different device or even someone else's computer and enjoy a real money gaming session.