UseMyBank At Canadian Slot Machines

First things first, we need to clarify something. You might well see people talking about UseMyFunds slots as well as UseMyBank slot machines and, as you might guess based on the similarity of the product names, they're the very same thing.

To avoid confusion, we'll talk about UseMyBank slot sites in this post but UseMyFunds is one and the same. Don't let the rebranding confuse you though – this is still a powerful payment method for Canadian players looking to play slots online.

As well as looking at the range of games, the software they use and whether or not they accept CAD when we review online casino/online slots sites, we also examine how well they work with various payment methods such as UseMyBank. As such, we've been able to compile a list of the top UseMyBank slot sites on this page.

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A popular payment method in their own right, bank transfers sometimes get criticised for being slow. UseMyBank aims to build on this process and speed things up a bit, as well as adding an additional layer of security by acting as a middleman.

Because you can use it to send money to friends or pay bills as well as hit the slot machines, UseMyBank has built up a very positive reputation with players in Canada and is rapidly becoming an invaluable payment option.

Accessing UseMyBank Slot Machines

Before you give this payment method a try at UseMyBank slot sites you'll first need to sign up for an account with UseMyBank, or UseMyFunds as it's now known. This is done on their official website, where you'll need to provide a few details along with your banking information.

When you've signed up with a compatible casino, you're ready to make your first UseMyBank deposit. Slots sites that take this payment method will say so in the Cashier area, where you can enter how much real cash you want to transfer and complete the transaction with UseMyBank.

The money may take a little while to land in your account, but it should appear as casino credit in your account at top online slots sites within a matter of minutes or certainly in the same day.

UseMyBank has all the advantages of bank transfers but makes the process even quicker and easier.
Advantages of UseMyBank

UseMyBank has all the advantages of bank transfers but makes the process quicker and easier. It boasts added security by, effectively, mediating payments between players and UseMyBank slot machines and online casino sites so they never actually see your banking details.

Another great thing about UseMyBank slots is that this payment method is one of the simplest around. If you're already familiar with using online banking, then you're already well versed in the mechanics of paying with UseMyBank.

Technological advances are happening all the time in the digital payment space – this is 2022, after all – and it's great to see UseMyBank improving bank transfers, which are a tried and tested method of transferring real money. To try it for yourself, just click on any of the top UseMyBank slot machine sites on this page to sign up and get started.


How do UseMyBank payments work?

UseMyBank works just like online banking, except that this company acts as a middleman between your bank and online casino/online slots sites accepting UseMyBank. You transfer funds to them and they then transfer it to the site in question.

What are the main benefits?

Even though dishonest/disreputable casino sites are actually fairly rare in Canada, more security is always a good thing and that's exactly what UseMyBank offers players. All this while being just as quick as, if not quicker than, regular bank transfers!

Is the sign-up process straightforward?

Extremely. All you need to do is visit their website and enter a few details, like your banking info, confirm your identity and you're ready to make a UseMyBank deposit. Slots sites will make it very clear how to do this in their Banking area.

Can I make online gambling payments?

Yes, you can. UseMyBank has never made their stance on gambling particularly explicit but, with large numbers of merchants accepting this method, they're probably well aware that gambling transactions are being processed and they've certainly never taken any steps to stop that from happening.

Do most of Canada's casino sites accept it?

Most sites offer many different deposit options in 2022, and you'll be able to find UseMyBank at lots of them. The sites listed on this page all offer tons of slot machines, UseMyBank and accept Canadian players.

Will my funds be secure?

Yes! Well, as long as you're playing with top sites that have a reputation for honesty and transparency, anyway. The only money at risk is what you've opted to send, as the rest of your cash remains in your bank account.

Will there be any fees to pay?

UseMyBank doesn't involve any fees for players, which is great news if you've been using other methods that do have fees associated with them up until now.

How can I access any winnings?

Some casinos will allow you to cash out with UseMyBank as well, which is about as simple as it gets, but at other sites you might need to find an alternative withdrawal method like cheques.