Using Android Slot Machines In Canada

If you're anything like us, you might find the battle between Android and iPhone a little tiring – sometimes it can feel like a constant game of one-upmanship. You'll be pleased to know that, when it comes to real money online slots, Android is very much on the same level as Apple products.

In our search to find the best online casino sites, we've naturally run across all sorts of top Android slots and casino sites, and that's enabled us to build a list of top Android slot machine sites for Canadian players. We'll show you all of them below, as well as the following:

  • A look at some of the Android slot machines/games you can enjoy
  • How Android compares with gaming on a laptop or desktop
  • Where to find safe and secure Android slot games on the web

Would be Android slots machine players in Canada can access games in a couple of different ways. The first is via dedicated slot machines Android apps, which are surprisingly rare even in 2022.

The second, which is much more common, is via a responsive version of an online casino's main site. To access these, you just visit the web address that you usually would and will be directed to the smartphone/tablet version of the site automatically if you access it from a Samsung phone or some other Android device.

Android Slot Machines Vs PC Gaming

One of the most obvious differences between playing Android slot machines on something like a Galaxy S7 and a Mac or PC is that the mechanics are totally different. Tapping away at real money slots online on an Android touchscreen feels more like playing a land-based casino video slot than a traditional online slot ever has.

The downside of playing on Android is that you won't find anywhere near as many games as are available on Mac or PC. In fact, you'll likely be limited to about 20 different titles when it comes to slot machines. Android users will likely find that this number rises as mobile gaming becomes more and more popular but, for now, there aren't too many titles out there.

Probably the biggest advantage of mobile online slots, Android or iPhone, is that you can take them with you anywhere. No more having to stay at home to play for real cash – you can now enjoy a few spins on the train, in your local bar or anywhere else you fancy.

How To Play Slot Machines (Android)
New Online Android Slot Machines

Regardless of the device you're using, whether it's a Samsung Galaxy (like the S7 Edge), Galaxy Tab, HTC, Nexus, LG or Sony Xperia, the basics of signing up to play Android slots will look very much the same.

Because there aren't many dedicated apps designed for use on Android, you'll be relying primarily on responsive sites that adjust automatically based on the screen size of the smartphone or tablet you're using.

If you already have an account with the online casino in question you can just log in and play. Otherwise, you need to create a new account before you can start spinning the reels. We recommend that you do this over your own secure WiFi network at home and definitely not over an unsecure public one.

On this page you'll find the best (in our opinion at least) Android slots, real money gambling sites and casino games. And, better still, they're all more than happy to accept players who are Canucks! Just pick one, sign up, grab a real cash bonus and enjoy.


Can I access online slots sites on my Android device?

Sure! You won't find quite as many games on offer as on your laptop/desktop, but there are more than enough Android slots, real money table games and so on to keep players entertained.

Which particular devices are accepted?

It would probably be quicker to tell you which aren't! As long as your device isn't completely ancient, and we're talking 5+ years old here, you should have no trouble finding an online casino where you can enjoy Android slot machines.

How can I play slots games on my Android?

You can play Android slots, real money or for free, in a couple of different ways. If you look hard enough, you may find a couple of Android apps that will let you play for real cash. It's more likely, though, that you'll end up using responsive sites.

Is it easy to make deposits & withdrawals?

Very. You can do so in exactly the same way that you would when using a Mac or PC, i.e. navigating to the Cashier area and initiating a deposit or real cash withdrawal.

Are certain games more popular on Android?

Not particularly. Because the range of games is fairly small at most Android online casino sites in 2022, most players enjoy jumping from game to game to keep things fresh.

Where can I find the best apps?

That's one thing we can definitely help with! We've listed on this page what we believe to be the top CA sites for use on Android. Slot machines fanatics can simply create an account, or log in if you already have one, and start playing.

How does it compare with desktop play?

Pretty much exactly how you would think – there aren't as many games available and the graphics are more simplistic, but Canadian players tend to have so much fun enjoying real cash action on the move that you probably won't even notice.

Is it secure enough to trust my details online?

If you're playing with a safe and honest site, then online gambling is no more dangerous than making any other online transaction in 2022.