2022's Best Mac Slot Machines

Gone are the days when Mac users could only access a couple of different online casino sites on their Apple devices. In 2022, there are almost as many Mac slots available as there are those designed for use on PC.

When we rate and review casinos we test them on a number of different devices, including Macs, so we always find out whether or not a site is up to scratch in terms of how it performs on different computers etc. Below we'll be taking you through:

  • How to play Mac slot machines at an online casino/online slots site
  • Comparisons of instant play online slots and downloadable casino clients
  • Where to find top Mac slot machine games on the web

One thing that's true about real money gaming on a Mac in 2022 is that there remains something of a shortage of downloadable casino clients. There are a couple out there but, for the most part, all you'll find are incompatible .exe files when you're looking for downloadable Mac slot games.

That may paint a rather bleak picture for Mac users, but things aren't as bad as they seem. Not by a long shot! In actual fact, thanks to the emergence of instant play or Flash online casino sites, Apple users have access to a range of Mac slot machines and casino sites that's on par with anything you access from a PC.

Using Instant Play Slots On Mac

Cause there aren't many casino clients designed offering a slot machine Mac download, most people looking to play Mac slot games will need to become intimately familiar with instant play, sometimes called Flash or no download slots.

The main difference between downloadable casino clients and instant play slots is that, in the case of the latter, you don't need to download anything to your computer. Nor do you need to apply any updates or bug fixes, as the casino site you're playing with takes care of all of that on their side.

Apple users have access to a range of Mac slot machines and casino sites that's on par with anything you can access from a PC!
Things To Keep In Mind
No Download

At most online casino sites, only about 90 to 95% of the games on a casino client can be accessed via a no download option. For the majority of players, that will be more than enough to keep them busy, but there's always an off chance that your favourite game is one of those that hasn't made the cut.

Because Macs represent a small section of the online gambling market, both in Canada and beyond, although this balance is one that's shifting all the time, not every casino will spend a lot of time or effort working on their selection of online slots for Mac.

Some may not even offer a no download/instant play alternative at all, but there are still plenty of places for you to get in on the action. We've spent years rating and reviewing online casino sites for Canadians and we've tracked down plenty of top options.

Whether you've ever played Mac slot machines before or not, we've got a fantastic selection of real cash games for you to try. You probably won't find a slot machine Mac download but, believe us when we tell you, that won't stop you from having some fun. All of the sites on this page are safe, welcome Canadian players (and accept CAD), have plenty of games to enjoy and will give you the chance to enjoy some fantastic real money action.


Are Mac slot machines games different from other platforms?

In the way they're accessed, yes. In terms of graphics and gameplay though there's very little difference between Mac slot machines and what you'll find on a PC, or even a tablet/mobile device for that matter.

What should I look for in a good Mac slots site?

There are a few different things to look for including their range of games, how easy they are to use, how reliable their software is and whether or not they accept players from Canada. The most important thing to make sure of is that the site you're using is safe and reliable – you want to KNOW that your details and banking options will stay secure, and we can help with all of that.

Where will Canadians find the best online slots sites?

Oh, we've got you covered there! Simply click on any of the links on this page and you'll be taken to what, in our experience at least, constitutes one of the top Canadian Mac slots sites on the web. We hope that'll save you a lot of time and effort.

Will I need to download any software to play?

In most cases, no. Nearly all Apple users, when they are playing online slots for Mac, need to go with no download options because that's pretty much the only way to go for Mac gamblers.

Can Mac players make all of the betting types?

Absolutely. There's nothing that a player can do on a PC or mobile device that they can't also do on a Mac.

Will I still get a good bonus on my machine?

Yes. The value of a welcome bonus depends only on the site where you're hitting the slot machines. Mac, PC and even mobile users can get access to a bonus with the same value however they choose to access the site and sign up.