Slot Machines And Canada Bank Transfers
Bank transfers

While it may be one of the oldest ways to transfer money to a site offering slot machines, bank transfer (or wire transfer as it's sometimes known) remains a very popular method for players who don't have a credit card and/or don't want to sign up for an account with an e-wallet service.

Since it's such a well-established payment method, we always look at how quick and easy it is to get started at sites accepting bank transfer as one of their banking options. As a result, we've been able to build a comprehensive list of the best bank transfer slot machines and table games out there so you need never try to find them yourself!

  • How to stay safe on the web when using slot machines/bank transfer
  • Why, despite its slower speed, many Canadian players love this option
  • Where to find the top online casino and bank transfer slot sites

You might associate bank transfers more with paying bills or sending payments to friends and family than with playing slots online, but you'll be pleased to discover that bank transfer slot sites are very common if this is one way you prefer to send real cash.

Bank transfer may be a bit slower than some methods available in 2022, but it's getting quicker and remains extremely popular anyway. While, once upon a time, they would take several days to clear it's now more common to find fast bank transfers that clear within one day, and often within a few hours.

How To Use Bank Transfer Slots

Initiating a bank transfer at an online casino is very simple, and is done through your own online banking so the process should feel very familiar. Once you've selected that you want to make a bank transfer deposit, slots sites will provide you with their details and a reference number to use, which may be something like your username on the site.

You then add them as a recipient in your online banking, just as you would when transferring real money to a friend or company, and hit enter. Exactly how long you'll have to wait for the transfer to finish up depends on the casino and the banks/financial institutions you're both using.

Once the transfer is complete, you'll see the credit in your online slots account and will have a record of it in your online banking account too.

Bank transfer may be a bit slower than some methods, but it's getting quicker and remains extremely popular.
Advantages Of Bank Transfer

The biggest advantage of using bank transfer slot machines is that 99% of the Canadian players reading this page will have already used their online banking to make a payment. Because the process is exactly the same here, there's nothing else to sign up for or learn how to use before you can enjoy bank transfer slot machines.

Another positive is that gambling payments sent using a credit or debit card are sometimes blocked as "unusual activity" but this is much less common when you've initiated the transfer yourself through your online banking. If you're very cautious about sharing your credit card details with an online casino, this is a great alternative because it only grants sites accepting bank transfer access to as much cash as you've sent across.

As modern and flashy as it is to use the web to access a slot machine, bank transfer might seem a bit old-fashioned in 2022. However, this is still an effective deposit option for players in Canada and it's getting quicker all the time as online banking tech improves. Don't believe us? Find one of the top bank transfer slot machines sites below – they all welcome Canucks, accept CAD and have lots of games to try – and give it a try for yourself!


What is a bank transfer?

As the name suggests, this payment method involves transferring real cash from your bank account to an account belonging to an online casino directly without using a credit or debit card.

How do I set one up?

That varies from bank to bank, but online banking accounts have an option usually called something like "Add a recipient" or "Send money" that you can use once you know the casino's bank details.

Can banks be used at online gambling sites?

Yes indeed! Since it's rare to find casinos that don't support bank transfer deposit, slots are just a matter of minutes away once you've found a top site at which to play.

Will the deposits and withdrawals be fast?

It's true that because bank transfers can take a day or more to process they are often a bit slower than some other payment methods, which can be instantaneous, but it's just as quick for withdrawals as these take a couple of days no matter which banking option you use.

What is the comparison with other methods?

If speed is your primary concern, you might want to look into using an e-wallet service and then funding that using your bank account rather than sending bank transfers directly, but with no need to sign up for anything other than online banking or additional purchases to be made this has to go down as one of the easiest payment methods available in Canada in 2022.

Could I be charged any fees for making a transfer?

That's very unlikely. Casinos rarely charge for bank transfers, but you should check their small print to make sure that they don't charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals using this option.

Will my bank account details be safe?

Stick with legit sites accepting bank transfer like the ones on this page, and you have nothing to worry about. If a problem should ever arise when using bank transfer slot machines, speak to the site and/or your bank as soon as possible and they'll help you to resolve it.