Canadian Skrill Slot Machines 2022

Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is yet another deposit option that's unavailable to Canadian gamblers in 2022. Things may not stay that way forever, though, so it's worth learning about Skrill slot sites and why Skrill slot machines would be such a good choice for Canadian players if they open up to the CA market again.

Skrill slots may not be available to Canucks looking for real cash action, but our listings of the best places to play using Skrill are still useful because they all have plenty of alternative payment options available that you can use there.

  • Learn more about Skrill and its absence from Canada
  • See the best places we've found for players in the Great White North to play
  • Find suitable alternatives to Skrill slot machines

Formerly known as Moneybookers, rebranding as Skrill in 2013, this company lets you do much more than just enjoy slot machines. Skrill is accepted at over 100,000 merchants all over the world.

However, despite their close involvement with the real money gambling space, they retreated from markets where gambling is either illegal or exists in a grey area. After a lengthy absence from the US market, they re-entered North America in 2015 and we hope that this service, often called the PayPal of online gambling, will return to Canada in years to come as well.

How To Use Skrill

Signing up for a Skrill account is quick and easy, even if you can't use it at Skrill slot sites in Canada, but you'll need to go through some steps to verify your identity to get the most out of your account.

In fact, you can also use Skrill to make a deposit with a prepaid MasterCard that connects to your e-wallet account. Unfortunately, in 2022 at least, Canucks can't use this option for real money gambling either.

The mechanics of making a deposit differs depending on whether you're using a Skrill prepaid MasterCard, which you use just as you would any other credit/debit card, or as an e-wallet. For the latter, which is the more common way to make a Skrill deposit, slots sites will simply redirect you to Skrill to complete any transaction initiated in the Cashier area.

Unofficially known as the PayPal of online gambling, we have high hopes that Skrill will return to Canada in years to come.
Advantages of Skrill
Alternative to Skrill

When it comes to real money gambling like table games and slot machines, Skrill is a fantastic choice. In the past, it was such a powerful tool because it was available in areas where PayPal wasn't but offered a very similar service. Unfortunately, in 2022, that isn't always the case anymore.

With the way it protects your data, Skrill slots have always been a great choice for those who are security conscious and it doesn't compromise on speed one bit. In fact, Skrill slot machines are some of the quickest around. Plus, it has a user interface that's intuitive and feels like second nature once you're used to it.

Talking about how fantastic Skrill slot sites are might seem like a waste of time since it's not currently available for real money gambling in the Great White North. However, besides that fact that we're convinced it will re-enter the market in years to come, it's also useful to check out where offers the best Skrill slot machines because they offer a fantastic experience to folks using other payment methods too. Just sign up with one of our top sites to put it to the test!


Who are Skrill?

Once known as Moneybookers, Skrill began its life as a small online payments company based in the UK. Still headquartered in London the company has since grown massively since then, with annual revenue in the hundreds of millions of CAD, and thanks to a number of key acquisitions it's still a key player in the financial space in 2022.

How do I make a deposit with them?

This is done via the Skrill website. Once you've signed up for an account and connected your credit card or online bank account, you can then transfer cash from there to your Skrill account and use it as if it was real cash.

Can I use Skrill for online gambling payments?

Not if you're based in Canada. While you can still make a Skrill deposit, slots and other gambling activities are forbidden for Canadian players. The same goes for withdrawals.

Will I be able to make fast deposits & withdrawals?

Sure! Skrill is capable of instant cash transfers and added immediate bank transfer capability in 2022. In practice, Skrill slot sites may take a little longer to process withdrawals, but you would usually get your hands on winnings within a couple of days.

How do they compare with rival payment options?

Without overstating things, when it comes to slot machines, Skrill is one of the best payment options out there. It's very unfortunate that sites accepting Skrill won't let Canucks use it but that's just the way it is, and there are other very good payment options out there that we can use.

Do gamers have any fees to pay?

E-wallet services like Skrill rarely come with fees for players, and you may even find that you're rewarded with cash back bonuses by online casino/online slots sites for using them.

Is it a safe option for me?

With bank-grade security, encryption and various other measures in place to protect user data, Skrill is about as safe it comes.