PayPal Canadian Slots 2022

Unfortunately, in 2022, Canadian players will find it very difficult if not impossible to use this payment method to hit the slot machines. PayPal backed out of several markets in which online gambling is illegal as well as others in which its legal status is a grey area, as is the case in Canada. This is a real shame as it's such a great deposit option!

Because we use have team members based all over the place, some of us are still able to use PayPal slot machines in online casino sites. As such, even though it's unlikely you'll be able to use them, we can still recommend some of the top PayPal slot sites around.

  • Compare PayPal with other payment methods and find suitable alternatives
  • Learn more about the real money gambling PayPal situation in Canada
  • Find the best PayPal slot machines around and see if you can play

In years gone by, it was possible to use PayPal slots all over the world including in Canada. The fact that this is no longer the case in 2022 is a big disappointment because just about anyone who regularly shops on the web, particularly with eBay, probably already has an account.

But fear not, real cash gamblers of Canada, because there are some very nice alternatives out there for you! For example, you can still safely use methods like credit cards,Ukash/Paysafecard or bank transfers to fund your real money gambling habit.

How To Use PayPal Slots
Alternative to Paypal

If you've used PayPal, then you already know how quick and easy it is to use. Simply make sure there's enough credit in your account, which can be topped up using online banking or a credit/debit card, and you can use that to make a payment to PayPal slot sites.

Of course, this "how to" is entirely academic since Canucks can't use PayPal to make deposits or withdrawals in 2022. In countries where it is permitted to make a PayPal deposit, slots sites process them just like any other online store – you enter how much cash you want to transfer and are then redirected to PayPal where you can complete the transaction.

The whole thing is, or was, very simple and you would see the cash land in your online casino/online slots account in a matter of minutes.

"If you've used PayPal, then we don't need to tell you how quick and easy it is to use; you'll already know!"
Advantages of PayPal

Here at this site we absolutely love PayPal. When we're not writing about slots you'll often find us splashing the virtual cash on eBay. If, like so many of us are, you're an active eBay user then you will almost certainly be intimately familiar with the ins and outs of PayPal, so there's nothing else to sign up for or learn about before you can start using it.

And then there's the security aspect – by acting as a middleman between sites accepting PayPal and your bank, the service effectively offers another layer of security and ensures that any rogue casinos out there can't get their hands on your bank details or credit card info.

The only real disadvantage of PayPal is that it often charges fees on transactions, but online casinos almost always absorb these on their side. It's for this reason that, when it was available, we always strongly recommended PayPal. Slot machines sites do have plenty of other payment options though, and you'll find some of the very best sites to try instead right here on this page.


How does PayPal work?

PayPal effectively acts as a bridge between your online banking or credit card and an online casino. What this means, in practice, is that you pay them and they then pay an online slots site or other store on your behalf.

What is the sign up process?

It's very easy to sign up for a PayPal account, and you do so on their website. To get the most out of your account you'll need to connect it to your bank account or add a credit/debit card by accepting a very small transaction from them, which will have an authentication code attached to it.

Can I trust my bank details with them?

Absolutely. PayPal is one of the largest payment processors in the world and you can trust them just as much you can any bank or building society.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

When making a withdrawal or a PayPal deposit, slots sites can in theory transfer cash immediately. In fact, initiating withdrawals takes a little longer than this because of admin on the online casino's side but it's still very quick.

How does it compare?

To put it bluntly, PayPal is easily one of the best real cash banking options around and no-one's more disappointed than us that it can't be used by Canucks in 2022. We can only hope that the legal status of real money online slots/gambling is clarified in Canada and that Paypal returns.

Are there any fees involved?

PayPal is well known for charging fees on transactions – that's, in part, how the company has grown to be so big – but merchants usually absorb these charges so as not to deter potential customers.

Will they permit online casino payments?

In Canada? Nope. Elsewhere in the world, like in the UK or Sweden, PayPal can be used for online gambling transactions but you'll find that PayPal slots are off limits for those in the USA and Canada.