Top 2022 Windows Phone Slot Machines

Windows Phone may not command quite the same respect or compliments in the street that the latest iPhone does but, thankfully, it represents a big enough share of the mobile market that there are plenty of places to use your device to hit the slot machines.

Windows Phone users will be glad to know that, whenever we rate an online casino, we always see how their apps (if they have one) perform on top smartphones and tablets. Because of this, we've been able to build up a clear picture of the best Windows Phone slots and where to play them.

  • Find great Windows Phone slot machines on the web
  • Stay safe when using online slots on smartphone or tablet
  • See some differences between Windows Phone slots and standard online slot machines

You can access Windows Phone slot games via either an app that's been designed specifically for the platform or via a responsive version of an online casino's main site that will automatically adjust to the screen size of your device.

Real cash apps aren't all that common in 2022, so it's pretty likely that you'll end up playing slots online using a responsive site. Exactly how you play doesn't make much difference, because apps and sites actually look and perform more or less the same when it comes to mobile gaming.

Windows Phone Slots Vs Standard Games
Windows Phone

The biggest difference between a Windows Phone app or site and a video slot on a PC is that apps and responsive sites have to cram more into a much smaller space. Fortunately, because it's 2022, online slots producers have been doing this for a while and have gotten pretty good at doing it!

While smartphone/tablet apps certainly are more simplistic than their computer equivalents, it never really feels like anything is missing. In fact, particularly for slot machines, Windows Phone touchscreen devices offer such a different style of playing that you probably won't even mind the more basic graphics.

It could even be said that smartphone gaming has more in common with bricks and mortar slots gaming, which often involves a touchscreen element too, than standard online slots do.

Windows Phone slot machine apps may be more simplistic, but it never feels like anything is missing.
Things To Bear In Mind
Windows Phone

When it comes to the range of available slot machines, Windows Phone can't hold a candle to what you'll find on a laptop or desktop. There's plenty of real money action to be had for Canadian players, but you should be aware that your favourite game may be nowhere to be seen.

Windows Phone may offer a new and exciting way to play, but you might find it a bit fiddly to sign up for new sites, make deposits or withdrawals and enter lots of personal information.

We'd always recommend that you do this using a secure WiFi network, most likely in your own home, and if you're doing it at home then you might find it more comfortable using a laptop or desktop. You can then go on to use your new account, claim your real money bonus etc to play Windows Phone slot machines.

We've reviewed countless online casino and online slots sites over the years and, if you're looking to play slot machines, Windows Phone users won't find any better than the sites and apps that we recommend on this page. All you need to get started is sign up, claim your real cash welcome bonus and start playing.


Can I play slot machines on a Windows Phone?

You sure can, and for real money too! Players can give Windows Phone slot machines a try either using an app or a responsive site and enjoy a slice of the action.

Which particular phones will be supported?

All but the oldest Windows Phone devices should have no trouble running at least a few Windows Phone slots, with the vast majority able to comfortably run all modern games. If you're still using a first generation Lumia from back in 2011 you might struggle to get anything going, but everyone else should be just fine.

How do I sign up for slot machine games with my phone?

It's easy to sign up to use slot machines. Windows Phone users who don't already have a site that offers online slots in mind can find one of our top recommendations on this page. The whole process takes just a few minutes, although you may need to verify some personal details before you can withdraw any winnings as real money.

Will a site or an app be better to use?

This is really a matter of taste. The experience on sites and apps is very similar in terms of both graphics and gameplay, so it doesn't make too much difference which you use.

Are all the slots variations available on Windows Phone?

Sadly no. More and more slots are becoming available for use on smartphone and tablet but, in 2022, the selection of mobile titles is limited to around 20 or 30 games per different software provider. Still, this is enough to keep most Canadian slots fans happy.

How does it compare to other devices?

If you're using a responsive site, as opposed to a dedicated app, the experience will be almost exactly the same as on any other device. For that matter, Windows Phone slot games will still look pretty similar on an app designed specifically for use on such devices as well.