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Every day we receive questions from visitors who can't find what they're looking for on our site. Sometimes these queries are very specific, occasionally even a little offbeat, but the vast majority of them – along with their answers – can be found below!

Can I make money through slots online?

Absolutely! After all, would anyone play them if you couldn't...? Statistically speaking, you're more likely to make money through slow, careful play and bankroll management, but that doesn't mean that you can't try to hit a big jackpot every now and then!

Are online casinos always open?
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They sure are, and that's one of the most significant advantages they have over land-based casino venues.

How do I know what online casino bonus is best for me?

How much you intend to play within the first month or two after signing up is a big factor. A large bonus is all well and good but, with wagering requirements usually demanding that you place bets to the tune of thousands of CAD, you'll need to make sure that you actually stand a chance of clearing them.

How do I receive a casino bonus?

This is a very easy process – during, or just after, signing up you'll usually need to enter a promo code that will then be registered in your account.

Are there fees for deposits or withdrawals?
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Not usually, but some card providers, payment methods and online casinos may charge a fee. It's always worth reading all of the relevant small print before you start playing to avoid hidden costs.

Are there any games I play online for free?
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How about all of them? Virtually every top casino will you let you play any of their games for free, without depositing a single penny, with the exception of progressive jackpot game that have to be played for real money.

How do I collect my casino winnings?

Withdrawals are usually made using the same method that you made the deposit with. If that method isn't supported for withdrawals then you'll be prompted to choose an alternative that is.

What is the smallest deposit needed to play online?
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In many cases, there is no lower limit to what you can deposit with a casino! We will say that you'll probably want to deposit at least 20 CAD to get a decent, if a little short, round at a slot machine.

Can I play slots online without a credit card?

Yes! Whether you use a payment method that links to your bank or an alternative, such as one that can be paid for with cash, there are ways to play without a credit card..

How long after creating an account can I play?

As soon as your first deposit appears in your account, you can start playing. In other words, just a matter of minutes.

Is my money secure?

Provided you're playing with an honest casino, then it is. Reputable casinos will keep your money safe and sound until you either decide to withdraw it or spend it chasing a big jackpot!

Is my personal information safe?

See above: stick with safe, reputable sites and you'll be just fine. As with ANY website, there's a very small chance that your details may be hacked – as has happened to sites like Ashley Madison, Experian and Patreon – but sites will do their best to make sure that this never happens.

Can new gambling sites be trusted?

The majority of them certainly can – it's not cheap to set up a new gambling site, so this isn't a way for scammers to make a quick buck, but it's certainly worth checking out some reviews and seeing what professionals make of the site before you start playing with it.

Can people cheat when playing in online casinos?

Occasionally gamblers develop ways to tip the odds in their favour, like card counting and other forms of advantage play. These methods are, however, completely ineffective in an online casino environment.

How can I avoid rogue casinos?

Short answer? Stick with the sites that we recommend – all of them have passed our rigorous testing, and we're sure that they're safe to play at.

Is online roulette fixed?

As long as you're playing with a reputable casino site, then it's definitely not! Sites use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin, and have no control over which number shows up.

Is there a benefit to using no-download games?

The only real benefit is that you don't need to install or update a casino client to get in on the action. You may miss out on a couple of games, but no download could be the best option if you plan to play on multiple devices.

What casino game has the best chance of winning?

Statistically speaking, the games with the best odds in the casino are table games like blackjack, craps and roulette. However, there are some low variance slots out there with decent odds too – look for titles with low jackpots and lots of paylines if you want to find good odds of winning.

What casino sites are good for beginners?

All casino sites are just as good for beginners as they are old pros, as you can take all of their games (with the exclusion of progressive titles) for a spin for free without depositing any cash.

What is the minimum age to play at an online casino?

This is a bit of a grey area – in many cases, you can sign up and start playing immediately as long as you have a valid deposit option. We would recommend, however, that you wait until you meet the legal age for offline gambling in the area of Canada you reside so as to avoid any problems when cashing out.

Will gambling in Canada remain legal?

We think so. The sums of money associated with online gambling, and offline gambling for that matter, are too big to ignore and we believe it's very likely that the Canadian government will look for ways to regulate gambling on the web and cash in on the action.

Where can I get help for a gambling problem?

A good first step is to ask casinos that you already have an account with to blacklist you. This is known as self-exclusion, and there are also software tools that can block other gambling sites if you don't trust yourself not to sign up elsewhere.

In severe cases, you may want to speak with a medical and/or psychiatric professional to see how to go about managing your addiction.