Enjoy the Best in Online Slot Machines with Bitcoin

When you've arrived at a Canadian online casino you like the look of, all set to power your way through the slot machines and other games, you don't want to be worrying about CAD deposit methods and transaction times. Gamers using Bitcoin for online slots and casino games transactions don't have these concerns. Indeed, a great many online gambling fans trust Bitcoin payments and are happy to benefit from the lower fees involved.

How Things Work When Making Bitcoin Casino Deposits

If someone tried to sell you the idea of an internet currency, that would sound good, right? What with all that e-commerce shopping you enjoy online, some kind of internet coinage would be perfect. Bitcoin is just such a virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, and it's one that's not tried to any country. It is a currency exclusively for the internet. You won't find them in your wallet, and they are not linked with any banks. Bitcoin allows for the transfer of funds between two people, peer to peer, from and to anywhere in the world, with no middle men to slow things down or charge fees. This makes it a popular and rapidly growing payment method.

It was only natural, then, that the online gambling world would benefit from the new currency. Indeed, when it comes to online slot machines, Bitcoin payments are a very quick and easy deposit method to employ. Big name examples like SatoshiDice, the self-proclaimed 'biggest Bitcoin casino on the world,' show how popular the cryptocurrency has become in the few years since its launch. Canuck gamers have embraced Bitcoin slots online for the lower house edge they offer, on top of a quick, anonymous payment process.

With so many players taking to online Bitcoin slot machines, there must be plenty of advantages that make the cryptocurrency attractive, and there are! Online casinos love it, for a start, and they love you for playing their slots games with it. For a start things are cheaper. Paying for slots online, Bitcoin transaction costs are much less than those of credit cards, so casinos are happy to accept them. The lower fees are attractive to gamers, too, who get charged a nominal fee for making casino payments with the currency when compared to using bank cards. Another reason to hit the online slot machines with Bitcoin at the ready is that the casinos that accept the currency tend to have a lower house edge of around 1.5 – 2%.

Prior to visiting a casino site or playing any slots games, you'll need to set up your Bitcoin account. You can do this at one of the many online providers. The process only requires a little information, and a few minutes, from you. Next you will choose an E-Wallet for storing your cryptocurrency, and again there are several secure sites offering these. You can then fill up your wallet ready for online slots Bitcoin transactions, buying the currency from one of the many online exchanges and easily paying with Canada Dollars.

Once you are at your favourite slot machines site accepting Bitcoin, go to the cashier page and select the option for it. To make your deposit you will need to enter the casino's Bitcoin address, which they will provide, and then enter the deposit amount. Once all that is confirmed you can get your game on. Then you can start earning your real money Canada Dollars.

Your Online Bitcoin Payments Are Safe and Secure

Our experts always comb through the top online Bitcoin slot machines casinos to ensure they offer the best encryption and security for gamers. So you needn't worry about choosing any of our recommended slot machines sites accepting Bitcoin. Online casino sites are very secure and take good care of their Canadian players.

Bitcoin online slot machines payments are popular with gamers because they don't transmit any of the player's personal or banking information to the online casino. Thus gamers' privacy and security concerns are dealt with.

Now Use Bitcoin at the Best Casino Sites Around

While the currency is still on the rise, and the online gambling world is playing catch up, there are still plenty of options out there for CA gamers. We've tracked down the best online slot machines Bitcoin users can play. Canada gamers can rest assured that all of our recommended sites will offer smooth Bitcoin online slots payments with top level security, and that you'll get the best range of games, graphics and welcome bonuses for your money.