Real Money Slot Machines In 2022
Progressive Jackpot

As enjoyable as playing slots that have mini-games or other extras for fun might be, there comes a time in most players' lives when they decide that they want to play real money slot machines online.

Fortunately, Canadian players have a vast selection of sites to pick from if (or maybe that should be when!) they decide to make the jump from playing for fun to playing for real cash. On this page, we'll cover some of the "need to know" information like:

  • How hitting the slots works when you're using a computer or mobile
  • Staying safe when playing real money slots on the web
  • Where to find the best slot machines, real money bonuses and more

Probably the best thing about visiting sites that prominently feature real money slot machines is the huge selection most of them offer. In a land-based casino you might have a choice of maybe 100 games at most, while the average online slots site could have as many as 500 different titles for players to try...although they'll have much fewer on Android, iOS and other smartphones/tablets.

With the staggering range of games available on the web, you might never set foot in an offline casino again. Now, let's take a look at some of the ins and outs of playing slot machines (Canada and beyond) in 2022.

Playing Real Money Slots In CAD
Progressive Jackpot

Those life-changing amounts of dollars money won at the best real cash slot machines are the glamorous moments of online slots, with the chance to win enough to set you up for life just a spin away. These opportunities are thanks to progressive jackpots, which are a special type of online slot game.

First off, you'll avoid incurring any fees associated with exchanging currencies that might be applied either by your bank/deposit option of choice and/or the online casino/online slots site you're playing with. Clearly, this is something you want to do – you want to be spending your money on real cash gambling or buying things, not wasting it on transaction fees.

However, there's another very good reason to play in your own currency. Let's say that you've just arrived at a casino site to play real money slot machines and end up using a currency that you're unfamiliar with. You take a look at the conversion rate between that currency and CAD, set your bet level and start spinning the reels.

Whether due to a simple miscalculation or a rounding error, it's all too easy to make your bet much higher (or lower, if you're being overly cautious) than you intended and burn through your bankroll way too quickly. If you play using C$, there's no risk of getting your bet wrong OR incurring extra fees.

As long as the site you're playing with is reputable, real money slot machines are as safe as making any other purchase online.
Real Money Slots On Mobile
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Whether you use Apple (iPhone/iPad), Samsung or Android, smartphone or tablet, the vast majority of people who play slot machines, real money or for fun, in 2022 inevitably get curious about playing on a mobile device in addition to or instead of on laptops, desktops or in land-based casinos.

There are two different ways to play online slots on mobile devices. One is to use a dedicated app for your platform of choice by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store, but you'll quickly learn that not every site provides individual apps for iOS, Android, Samsung, Windows Phone etc.

Because of the level of work associated with maintaining individual apps, as well as geographical and other restrictions on real money apps, some sites instead offer real money slots through a responsive version of their site so mobile users can play slots online.

Many players wonder which of these routes is best but the truth is that the graphics and gameplay of each method are pretty similar so, whichever way you decide to hit the slots, you'll be in for some thrilling real money action.

Ready to try some real money slot machines? Whether you want to play on a mobile device or using a laptop/desktop, we've found all of the top sites in 2022. Just click one of the links and start playing for real cash.


How do I sign up for real money slot machines?

That's an easy question to answer! Just click one of the links on this page to find somewhere to play real money slot machines that's safe, honest and reliable. Sign up for an account and you could be playing within a matter of minutes.

Is playing with real currency safe?

As long as the site you're playing with is reputable, which the vast majority are, using real money slot machines is just as safe as making any other purchase online.

Which Canadian payment methods will be available?

That depends on which site you're playing slots online at. All slots sites offer at least a couple of payment methods – credit cards, InstaDebit, eChecks, Click2Pay etc. – that will be suitable for players in Canada, and most will offer several more than that.

How much could I win on real money games?

This will depend on the slot you're playing. Some low variance slots have jackpots as low as a couple of thousand coins, but higher risk progressive games could see you winning millions or even tens of millions of CAD.

Will slot machines games work on a mobile or tablet?

Not all of them, but many do. Even sites that don't place a lot of emphasis on mobile/tablet gaming will usually have 20+ games that you can play on devices like a Samsung Galaxy or Apple smartphone. Some allow access to many more of their games on mobile devices.

How can I access my winnings?

Simply navigate your way to the Cashier area of the site you're playing at and you'll be able to find out how to turn your winnings from numbers on a screen into real money. Slot machines sites offer withdrawal methods like check, wire transfer and, where available, credit cards.